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Empire Beauty School is a private educational institution established in 1946. The shelter programs which lead in careers like cosmetologists, estheticians, electrologists, hair stylists and colorists, makeup artists, manicurists and nail technicians. The school’s headquarter holds the geographic location of Pottsville, Pennsylvania, United States. The school presently holds 109 schools all around the United States, after buying the training instructors of Regis Corporation in 2007.

Empire Education Group takes part in yearly fund collecting programs for donations in local level. In 2007 the foundation gathered quarter-million dollars for KidsPeace, which is situated in Pennsylvania. Empire Beauty Schools organized a one-day program called National Day of Beauty where the students of Empire Beauty School carried out hair, skin and nail services in discount. All the raised fund of this program was funded to the KidsPeace foundation.

Empire Education Group organizes largest hair and nail competition in the United States every year. This two day occasion holds the students of school’s 87 colleges as competitor. The winner of the completion is rewarded with various favors. The winner of the competition in 2008 was sponsored all the cost to travel to Hawaii, Spain and the Netherlands.  

The college has been challenging its own abilities and expanding the horizon of its working. The college has launched its various branches in various states of the nation. The programs offered by the college are effective and qualitative. More females are attracted by the programs carried out by the college.

Empire Beauty School established the company’s 100th campus in Springfield, Pennsylvania, in the year 2010. The institution was opened officially at Empire Education Group’s 100 Days of Empire event. Empire Beauty School functions under the effective management of Empire Education Group.

The college holds the glorious and prestigious history of more than a half century. When the college was opened in 1946, the programs and curriculum in which the college was based was not the included in the mainstream educational system.  The subjects sheltered by the school are highly based in female taste and the society during its establishment wasn’t completely free of gender discrimination. The subject the college focuses wasn’t a subject to be studied in those earlier days. But the college believed in itself and carried out its operation with full determination and effort and finally proved the society and the subjects like cosmetology,  hair designing too holds a great prospect and career in the society where everyone believe in beauty through make ups.

The college has prepared a wide range of programs covering every field possible. The programs carried out by the college are effective and qualitative enough to guide its students towards success. The college has prepared curriculum in such a way that it remains in the reach of people belonging to various social, cultural, religious, ethnical and geographical backgrounds. Empire Beauty School believes that the light of education should be made available to everyone who refuses to remain in the darkness of illiteracy.  

The programs and curriculum in prestigious Empire Beauty School:


-Hair Design

-Hair Cutting

-Color and Texture

-Basic Skin Care

-Business/Retail Training



-Sculpt and Contour

-Hands- ON Training

-Fashion Trends

-Artistic Skills

-Professional Products





-Body Treatment Techniques

Various schools functions under the management of prestigious Empire Beauty School:

-Arizona Beauty Schools

-Colorado Beauty Schools

-Florida Beauty Schools

-Georgia Beauty Schools

-Illinois Beauty Schools

-Indiana Beauty Schools

-Kentucky Beauty Schools

-Maine Beauty Schools

-Maryland Beauty Schools

-Massachusetts Beauty Schools

-Michigan Beauty Schools

-Minnesota Beauty Schools

-New Jersey beauty Schools

-New York Beauty Schools

-North Carolina Beauty Schools

-Ohio Beauty Schools

-Pennsylvania Beauty Schools

-Rhode Island Beauty Schools

-Tennessee Beauty Schools

-Virginia Beauty Schools

-Wisconsin Beauty Schools

The Empire Beauty School serves quality education to its students. The instructors and teachers performing in the school are well educated and experienced who are well able to guide their students towards better and bright future. The school is the best place to be for everyone who seeks their careers as cosmetologists, estheticians, electrologists, hair stylists and colorists, makeup artists, manicurists and nail technicians. These subjects have growing prospect in today’s world where the concept of makeup is stronger than ever. Where every individual all-around the world believes in made up beauty.

The subjects which are carried out in the prestigious Empire Beauty School are not yet quite flourished in developing countries. The prospect of these subjects is quite appreciable in developed country and is among the underrated subjects in third world counties. But realizing the importance and prospect of these careers various developing countries has also sketched the existence of institutions which carries out subjects like cosmetology.

Empire Beauty School has sketched an irreplaceable space among the thousands of educational institution existing all around the world. The qualitative and effective education system of the college has not only attracted the students of the United States but also the students of countries all around the world. The students all around the world have Empire Beauty School as an effective means to guide them towards their destiny. Empire Beauty School is the home of the students from various countries and various states of America. The determination and hard work of years have established this college among the best colleges in the world. The college has defined excellence through its effort to serve effective education to its students. The growing number of branches of the school proves the growing realization in the people about the importance of subjects carried out by Empire Beauty School.