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Penn State Milton S. Hershey medical Center is located in Hershey, Pennsylvania, 10 miles east of Harrisburg. Basically the university is known as Penn State’s Medical School and academic medical center. The university was established in 1963 by the help of M.S. Hershey Foundation which has offered $50 million to the Pennsylvania State University to establish a medical school and teaching hospital in Hershey, Pennsylvania. In May 2011, the Penn State College of medicine has graduated 3,907 physicians (M.D.) and 1004 scientists with Ph.D or M.S. degrees. The College of Medicine offers degree programs in anatomy, Bioengineering, Biomedical sciences, Bioinformatics and genomics, Genetics, Immunology and infectious diseases and many more. The university has been listed among most selective universities for medical studies.

Talking about the brief history of the University, The University was established in 1963 by the help of M.S. Hershey Foundation which has offered $50 million to the Pennsylvania State University to establish a medical school and teaching hospital in Hershey, Pennsylvania. With the help of $21.3 million from the U.S. Public Health Service, the University built a medical school, teaching hospital and research center. The original buildings at Penn State Hershey Medical Center included the Medical Science building and medical center. The campus has grown from 318 to 550 acres in area at the present.

By the present the university has completed several carefully planned constructions projects. Additional developments were made to reflect a steady increase in patient demand for services and to expand research and teaching programs. By the end of recent time, the university has been one of the most productive universities for medical science.

As of May 2011, the College of Medicine has successfully  granted 3,904 medical degrees and 1,004 graduate degrees to its students. Talking about its fields of study the College of Medicine offers degree programs in anatomy, biochemistry and molecular biology, bioengineering, cell and molecular biology, genetics, integrative biosciences, microbiology and immunology, neuroscience, pharmacology, and physiology, and two postdoctoral programs leading to an M.S. degree in Laboratory Animal Medicine, the only such program in the Commonwealth, and a M.S. in Public Health Sciences and a newly inaugurating M.P.H. Graduate program. Each year, more than 550 resident physicians are trained in medical specialties at this Medical Center.

The university is famous for its extraordinary researches in medical fields. At the end of June 2010, the university had admitted nearly 27,000 patients and provided care through over 854,000 outpatients and 57,000 emergency service visits. The University has over 8,800 employees, 400 volunteers and College of medicine enrolls more than 800 students annually.

As according to the Medicine statistics of 2010, nearly 1 in 6 applicants to U.S. medical schools apply to Penn State College of Medicine. Beside that the university is also providing different fellowship programs to its students.

Turning back to its famous researches, in 1980 College of medicine researches led by John Kreider and Mary Kay Howett and funded by the Jake Gittlen Cancer research Foundation Perfected a technique for propagating the human Papilloma Virus.

The College of Medicine received a $2.8 million federal matching grant to enlarge the existing Drug Discovery Core Facility The new facility will promote the translation of advances in basic biomedical research and clinical investigation into new agents that will improve the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and cure of disease and the promotion of good health. A team of Penn State Hershey scientists and physicians have been awarded a 7-year, $53.9 million grant to support the Data Coordinating Center for AsthmaNet.

Since 2001, the students of the university  have been running a free clinic for the underserved for Central Pennsylvania. The clinic is so called as by name LionCare. It is based out of the Bethesda Mission, a Homeless shelter, in midtown harriburg, PA. over the year the clinic has been expanded it’s services. Lioncare is a non-profit organization, which has been serving to poor people since a very long time.

Talking about its further branches, Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital is the only children’s hospital located at south Central Pennysylvania. This hospital has successfully received the high rating for its care to medical, surgical and trauma patients by the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

As taking its success and achievements into account, the university is one whole package of all kind of studies related to medical line. Anyone thinking to pursue their degree in medicine with high rated efficiency then this university can be the best option to adapt. Since a quite long time the university is proving highly effective education to its students and also serving the people with all kind of helps.  Graduated students are proud to be part of such honorable university and getting graduated from the university with high skilled education. Although they are spread worldwide but still they are feeling proud of the university for being part of it.  Main demand of the current time is to get education with high effectiveness. So, the Penn State College of Medicine can be best thing to look for. There are many more detailed information regarding to the University, which can be collected from the website of University as per required. Any one seeking for worldwide appreciation in work field then Penn State College of Medicine Center can help to reach the goal. Further information about the university can be collected even from Wikipedia as well as it has summarized the vast detail about the university in short and explicable form.