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Ashford University is one of the reputed Universities of United States. It is a for-profit University. It’s main headquarter is located in San Diego, California, U.S. Initially, the University was established as the ‘Mount St. Clare Academy’ in the year 1893. In the year 1918, considering the need for higher education in ‘Clinton County’, the sisters founded ‘Mount St. Clare College’. The college received its first accreditation from ‘the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools’ in 1950. After accreditation, the school started to expand with the construction of convent building, new gymnasium, new library, the Science Building and Durham Residence Hall. It was in the year 1979 when the college gained approval to operate its four year degree ‘Bachelor’s program in Business Administration’. In the same year, the school merged with ‘St. Mary’s High School’ which formed new ‘Mater Dei High School’. With the merger, the school offered additional four year programs. In the year 1998, ‘the Durgin Educational Center’ was opened with new athletic facilities. The school changed its name to ‘The Franciscan University’ in 2003. The University was accredited by ‘the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)’ in the year 2010. In October 2012, the University appointed ‘Richard Pattenaude’ as a president.

The University is currently offering ‘Bachelor’s Degree’s’, ‘Associates’s Degrees’ and ‘Master’s Degrees’. The students are offered with the subjects like ‘Behavioral Science’, ‘Business’, ‘Communications’, ‘Criminal Justice’, ‘Education’, ‘Health Care’, ‘Information Technology’, ‘Liberal Arts’, ‘Military Studies’, ‘Public Administration’ and ‘Science’ in Bachelor’s Degrees. Likewise, it is offering ‘Education’ and ‘Military Studies’ in Associates’s Degrees. In addition to this, it is also offering academic subjects like ‘Business’, ‘Education’, ‘Health Care’ and ‘Public Administration’ in Master’s Degrees. The majority of the students of University are enrolled in ‘Online’ courses. The University’s traditional campus is situated in Clinton, lowa. It is offering its academic programs under: ‘Forbes School of Business’, ‘College of Education’, ‘College of Health, Human Services and Science’ and ‘College of Liberal Arts’. Forbes School of Business is offering various subjects like ‘Accounting’, ‘Business Administration’, ‘Business Economics’, ‘Business Information Systems’, ‘Business Leadership’, ‘Consumer and Family Financial Services’, ‘eMarketing’, ‘Entrepreneureship’, ‘Human Resource Management’, ‘International Business’, ‘Operations Management and Analysis’, ‘Organizational Management’, ‘Project Management’, ‘Public Administration’, ‘Public Relations and Marketing’, ‘Real Estate Studies’, ‘Service Management’, ‘Sports and Recreation Management’, ‘Supply Chain Management’ and ‘Sustainable Enterprise Management’ in Bachelor’s Degrees. Likewise, the school is offering ‘Master of Arts in Organizational Management’, ‘Master of Business Administration’ and ‘Master of Public Administration’ in Master’s Degrees. The College of Education is currently offering ‘Child Development’, ‘Cognitive Studies’, ’Early Childhood Education’, ‘Early Childhood Education Administration’, ‘Education and Public Policy’, ‘Education Studies’, ‘English Language Learner Studies’ and ‘Instructional Design’ in Bachelor’s Degrees. It is also offering ‘Master of Arts in Education’ and ‘Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning with Technology’ in Master’s Degrees. The third college of the University ‘College of Health, Human Services and Science’ is offering the subjects like ‘Applied Behavioral Science’, ‘Complementary and Alternative Health’, ‘Gerontology’, ‘Health and Human Services’, ‘Health and Wellness’, ‘Health Care Administration’, ‘Health Care Studies’, ‘Health Education’, ‘Health Information Management’, ‘Health Marketing and Communication’ in Bachelor’s Degrees and it is also offering ‘Master of Arts in Health Care Administration’ in Master’s Degrees. Likewise, the College of Liberal Arts is offering ‘Applied Linguistics’, ‘Communication studies’, ‘Cultural Anthropology’, ‘English’, ‘Environmental Studies’, ‘History’, ‘Homeland Security and Emergency Management’, ‘Journalism and Mass Communication’, ‘Law Enforcement Administration’, ‘Liberal Arts’, ‘Military Studies’, ‘Political Science and Government’, ‘Social and Criminal Justice’, ‘Social Science’ and ‘Sociology’.

The large number of students all around the world visits this University each year in a search of an academic excellence. The students have to meet some criteria to get admission in this University. After meeting all the criteria, the students will be eligible to study in the University. The students enrolled are also benefited with an affordable amount of tuition fees. The Students of Clinton Campus have to pay total $8250 per semester for full time study. Likewise, for the part time study they are charged with an amount of $480 per credit hour. The students are also charged with room & board fees of $630. They also have to other fees like Technology fee of $210, part-time technology fee of $15, activity fee of $80, insufficient funds fee of $30, graduation fee of $150 and replacement/ duplicate diploma of $45. The Ashford University charges total tuition fee of $420 for all courses. They are also charged with technology fee of $50, graduation fee of $150, Late Payment fee of $30, Insufficient funds fee of $30 and replacement/ duplicate diploma fee of $45. The online graduate students have to pay $548 for ‘Master of Arts in Education’ and ‘Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning with Technology’. Likewise, they are charged with $612 for ‘Master of Arts in Health Care Administration’, ‘Master of Arts in Organizational Management’, ‘Master of Business Administration’ and ‘Master of Public Administration’.

The students enrolled in this University are also benefited with various scholarships like ‘Business School Scholarships’ and ‘Community Scholarships’. Besides its affordable tuition fees and scholarships, it is also known for its athletic teams ‘the Saints’. The athletic team frequently competes in the ‘National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA)’. There are various sports for the enjoyment of the students like baseball, bowling, basketball, cross country, soccer, golf, tennis and track & field. Through its high quality academic programs and other beneficial features, it has been successful to stand as one of the best Universities of United States.