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Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico ‘Central New Mexico Community College’ is the Community College which was established in 1964. The College was previously named as ‘Albuquerque Technical Vocational Institute’. It officially changed its name to ‘Central New Mexico Community College (CNM)’ on 2nd June, 2006. In the year 1963, the college was authorized by New Mexico State Legislators. After a year, the creation of this college was approved by the voters. This college was operating administrative function as a part of ‘Albuquerque Public Schools’ system. The voters elected a separate seven-member governing board in the seven districts in 1979. The governing board collectively constitutes “CNM’s Tax District”. In the year 1978, the college was accredited by the ‘North Central Association of Colleges and Schools’. After eight years of its functioning, ‘the New Mexico Legislature’ allowed the college to start degrees programs. In the period of 1980, the college’s ‘liberal arts’ degrees became the most frequently awarded degree.

This college is the largest postsecondary institution based in the state of New Mexico. It provides the largest ‘online distance learning’ program in the state. The number of students enrolling for college-credit courses reached to 24, 621 in the year 2009. There are several of thousand students who are also taking non-credit courses like adult and development courses and topic courses. CNM is currently offering 47 associate’s degrees that cover the subjects like ‘arts and sciences’ and ‘career and technical’. Besides these courses, it also offers the courses that are transferrable to ‘four-year universities’ in over 30 arts and sciences disciplines. In the year 2008, the number of students enrolling in college-credit courses reached to 24,870. Likewise, the total Hispanic students are 7048, White Students are 6429, Native American students are 1246, Black students are 672 and Asian students are 487.

The College has total four campuses which are located in Albuquerque. One of the campuses is located in Rio Rancho and a ‘workforce Training Center’. The campus occupies the area of 215, 259 square feet of classroom and 262, 507 square feet of laboratory space. All of the college’s campuses offer day and evening courses. The main campus of CNM is located in near downtown at Coal and University SE. The college’s other four campuses: ‘Montoya Campus’ is located in northeast heights near Montgomery and Juan Tabo NE, ‘CNM Westside’ is situated at 10549 Universe Blvd., NW, ‘South Valley Campus’ is located at 5816 Isleta SW and ‘Rio Rancho Campus’ is located at 2601 Campus Blvd. NE, Rio Rancho, NM near City Center. All the campuses offers various subjects like ‘Accounting’, ‘Adult Basic Education (ABE) GED Program’, ‘Advanced Systems Technology’, ’Anthropology’, ‘Apprenticeships’, ‘Baking’, ‘Biotechnology’, ‘Business Administration’, ‘Carpentry’, ‘Chemistry’, ‘Communication’, ‘Community Dental Health Coordinator’, ‘Construction Technology’, ‘Criminal Justice’, ‘Culinary Arts’, ‘Engineering’, ‘English’, ‘Film Technician’ ‘Fire Science’ and many more.

CNM has well-managed library. The students enrolling in this college can get the required resources from visiting the library. The library provides various services for the students and faculty. The students are benefited with the services like ‘Book/Media Pickup’, ‘Interlibrary Loan’, ‘Joint Access to Other Libraries’, ‘Distance Learning Support’ and ‘Users with disabilities’. Likewise, the faculty can get the services like ‘Schedule Library Instruction’, ‘Library [email protected]: an Overview’, ‘Put Items on Reserve’, ‘Interlibrary Loan’, ‘CNM Authors Submission Form’ and ‘Book and Media Pickup Form’. Apart from its well-managed library, the college also provides several financial aid and scholarships to the deserving students. The college charges an affordable tuition fees to all the students. For an Academic Transfer Courses, The New Mexico Residents are charged an amount of $600 with full time 12 to 18 credit hours. The students belonging from out-of-district are also charged with the same amount of $600 with full time 12 to 18 credit hours. Likewise, for General elective courses the New Mexico residents are charged an amount of $50 per credit hour for 1 to 11 and more than 18 credit hours. The out of district students are charged with an amount of $50 per credit hour for 1 to 11 and more than 18 credit hours. For all courses, the non-New Mexico Residents are charged with an amount of $3240 for full time 12 to 18 credit hour according to fall & spring term and according to summer term, the Non-New Mexico residents are charged with an amount of $600 for full time 12 to 18 credit hours.

The large number of students frequently visits each year to get admission in this college. The admission process of this college is very simple. The students willing to get admission in this college submit their application through the official websites of the college. There are certain steps that might be followed while applying in this college. First they have to complete the application form. They must submit their ACT/SAT test scores or transfer credits while submitting the application. Secondly, they have to complete their financial aid (FAFSA) application. Thirdly, they have to meet with an advisor either personally or through online chat, email or by phone. Fourthly, they must complete their new student orientation program. The students are given instructions to set up their method of payment within 24 hours of their registration for classes. After fulfilling all the criteria, they will be eligible to study in this college. CNM, with its quality education and all beneficiary facilities will surely prove as the best colleges for all the students who want to pursue their career in better way.